Digital Pathology: The MikroScan SL5: The dual-mode system from Mikroscan offers the user two completely separate and distinctly different capabilities in one convenient device. The user selects either of two modes – a live robotic microscope for the examination of specimens on glass slides or a static digital pathology scanning mode for the creation of digitized tissue samples. MikroScan SL5
Cell Isolation and Retrieval: Merarini Silicon Biosystems NxT: The only automated instrument that can identify, quantify, and recover individual rare cells Silicon Biosystems DEPArray™ NxT Instrument
Real Time PCR: MyGo PCR: The MyGo PCR range offers both bench top convenience and excellent performance. Find out more about the Pro and Mini, to see whether they suit your needs.
MaxCyte - Electroporation and Transfection: Scalable transfection for a wide range of applications
Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification:The Zinexts range of automated nucleic extraction systems make purification efficient, easy, reliable and cost effective.
Tissue Array: To view our range of products covering both automated and manual tissue arraying. Automated Tissue Arrayer ATA-27

Tissue Retrieval2100-Retriever Retriever Retriever is a bench-top model for thermally processing slides of the formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissues prior to immunostaining. The model is designed to ensure identical processing of all the samples during a processing cycle, as well as the identical processing of the samples between individual sessions. 


Aptum Bio Retriever 2100

BlueDiver Instrument (IVD)

The BlueDiver Instrument is the result of an internal development to automate BlueDiver Dot, BlueDiver Quantrix and BlueDiver Combi kits.The Instrument is a compact and innovative machine which processes the strips with ready-to-use reagents provided in individual cartridges.


BlueDiver Instrument (IVD)

AltoStar® Automation System AM16: The AltoStar® Automation System AM16 is a robotic pipetting workstation used for sample purification and PCR setup controlled by the AltoStar® Connect software. It is intended to be used in combination with the AltoStar® Purification Kit 1.5, the AltoStar® Internal Control 1.5 and altona Diagnostics PCR Kits for automated purification of nucleic acids and automated assay setup for in vitro diagnostic purposes.


AltoStar® Automation System AM16 (RUO)

VR NxT™- Volume Reduction InstrumentVRNxT is a sample preparation instrument that automates the volume reduction steps in your rare cell analysis workflow. With VRNxT you can add precision and accuracy to your workflow to minimize losses of precious cells and increase the throughput.

The instrument processes up to four samples in less than a minute and can be used for both live and fixed cells applications.


VR NxT™- Volume Reduction Instrument