Digital Pathology: The MikroScan SL5The dual-mode system from Mikroscan offers the user two completely separate and distinctly different capabilities in one convenient device. The user selects either of two modes – a live robotic microscope for the examination of specimens on glass slides or a static digital pathology scanning mode for the creation of digitized tissue samples.

MikroScan SL5

Cell Isolation and Retrieval: Merarini Silicon Biosystems NxT: The only automated instrument that can identify, quantify, and recover individual rare cells

Silicon Biosystems DEPArray™ NxT Instrument

Real Time PCR: MyGo PCRThe MyGo PCR range offers both bench top convenience and excellent performance. Find out more about the Pro and Mini, to see whether they suit your needs.

MaxCyte - Electroporation and Transfection: Scalable transfection for a wide range of applications

Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification:The Zinexts range of automated nucleic extraction systems make purification efficient, easy, reliable and cost effective. Learn more about their systems here


Tissue Array: To view our range of products covering both automated and manual tissue arraying.

Automated Tissue Microarrayer (UATM-272A)


Tissue Retrieval2100-Retriever Retriever Retriever is a bench-top model for thermally processing slides of the formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissues prior to immunostaining. The model is designed to ensure identical processing of all the samples during a processing cycle, as well as the identical processing of the samples between individual sessions. 

Aptum Bio Retriever 2100