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MyGo PCR systems from IT-IS Life Science Ltd.

Founded and staffed by people with a passion for technology, for over 10 years IT-IS has been delivering high performance technology for real-time PCR. With comprehensive capabilities ranging from molecular biology to software engineering, IT-IS provides products from bespoke system development to off the shelf MyGo real-time PCR machines.


MyGo Pro

The MyGo Pro real-time PCR instrument provides unmatched performance in a convenient format. Novel Full Spectrum Optics deliver 120 optical channels of fluorescence data from every tube in parallel, with no moving parts, for reliable multiplex PCR. High performance Peltier elements, and solid silver blocks, provide both speed and world leading thermal uniformity. The result is rapid, precise, quantitative PCR and melting point analysis. Advanced algorithms combined with an intuitive user interface support a broad range of applications, operating systems and connection options. Performance made easy...

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MyGo Mini

The MyGo Mini is the world's most compact real-time PCR instrument, with no moving parts for silent operation and maximum reliability. It provide users with great results over a broad range of applications. Personal precision...

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MyGo Kits

Kits for use in training, demonstration, and performance verification. The convenience of lyophilised reagents enabling transport and storage at ambient temperatures. Designed and tested for ease of use and reliability.

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MyGo Pouch

Reagents for Results

Quality reagents for a broad range of applications.

High specific activity polymerases together with antibody based hot-start provide speed, specificity and sensitivity.

Buffers optimised for the best results under challenging conditions such as high GC targets, secondary structure and inhibition.

Formulated for flexible use, including multiple freeze thaw cycles, extended stability of fully assembled reactions, and multiplex PCR.

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