Bio SB Mesothelin - RMab EP140
Bio SB

Bio SB Mesothelin - RMab EP140

BSB 6919-BSB 6925

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Mesothelin was first identified by its reactivity with monoclonal antibody K1. The mesothelin gene encodes a precursor protein that is processed to yield mesothelin, which is attached to the cell membrane by a glycophosphatidylinositol linkage and a 31-KDa shed fragment named megakaryocyte-potentiating factor (MPF). Its biological function is not known, but recent studies have shown that mesothelin forms a strong and specific complex with MUC16, which has been suggested to be the basis of ovarian cancer metastasis. Mesothelin is present on normal mesothelial cells lining the pleura, peritoneum, and pericardium. In tumors, overexpression of Mesothelin has been observed in mesotheliomas, and other tumors including ovarian, pancreatic carcinomas, and cholangiocarcinoma,

Available options include prediluted (3ml, 7 ml, 15ml), concentrate (0.1 ml, 0.5ml, 1ml) and 5+ control slides.

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