PolyDetector ALK Red Ready To Use
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PolyDetector ALK Red Ready To Use

BSB 0067-BSB 0071

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PolyDetector Alk Red Substrate-Chromogen is a ready-to-use solution suitable for use in immunohistochemical, immunocytochemical and in situ hybridization procedures using Alkaline Phosphatase Detection Systems. PolyDetector Alk Red Substrate-Chromogen allows for the demonstration of tissue antigens or nucleic acids in paraffin-embedded tissues, cryostat sections, cytosmears, and cell preparations. The substrate-chromogen is the final step in the detection portion; it enables the antibody-antigen-enzyme complex (or nucleic-acid-probe-enzyme complex) to be viewed under a light microscope. This occurs when Alk Red, in the presence of Alkaline Phosphatase, gets deposited at the site of the target antigen or nucleic acid, producing a red color that is soluble in organic solvents and therefore CAN NOT be mounted with permanent mounting media. 

Available options include 15ml (150 tests), 50ml (500 tests), 100ml (1000 tests), 200ml (2000 tests) and 1000ml (10000 tests)

For Research Use Only.