Biomatrica DNAgard Saliva HT

Biomatrica DNAgard Saliva HT


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DNAgard® Saliva HT is a saliva DNA collection device designed to collect and stabilize saliva samples for genetic analysis. Innovative design makes stabilized saliva collection simpler, less error prone, and seamlessly supports high-throughput automated platforms.

For laboratories, DNAgard® Saliva HT features a pierce-able cap that eliminates time-consuming de-capping steps along with triple redundant tracking labels that are LIMS-compatible label for accurate sample tracking.

For subjects DNAgard® Saliva HT provides a simplified collection process with a spill-proof design, tethered cap, and no additional reagents to mix in. These improvements eliminate user contact with the chemical stabilizer and accommodate arthritic hands.

Available in 5 or 48 unit kits.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

DNAgard_saliva__ht_Overview.pdf DNAgard_saliva__ht_Overview.pdf