Biomatrica DNAstable Blood Tube Kit

Biomatrica DNAstable Blood Tube Kit


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Biomatrica DNAstable Blood is long term storage of DNA in Blood and Buffy Coat Layer. DNAstable® Blood is a dissolvable matrix designed for the immediate stabilization of DNA in blood and buffy coat at room temperature. DNAstable Blood preserves DNA in blood samples without degradation by forming a thermostable barrier around the blood or buffy coat sample as it dries, effectively “shrink-wrapping” it in a protective coating. Blood samples are dried in either a laminar flow hood at room temperature or in a ventilated 40ºC incubator. Current data demonstrate stable storage of DNA in blood for 12 years* at ambient temperature. DNA can be extracted by simple rehydration of the dried samples followed by DNA isolation using commercially available DNA extraction kits (*based on accelerated aging studies in 48-well Plate format).

Available in 3 or 50 tube kits.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

DNAstable_Blood_Handbook.pdf DNAstable_Blood_Handbook.pdf

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