Biomatrica Dry Storage Cabinet, Including Racks

Biomatrica Dry Storage Cabinet, Including Racks


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Protect your precious samples by utilizing a controlled dry environment.

  • Maintain a constant dry environment at room temperature
  • Ideal for samples stored with DNAstable, RNAstable or CloneStable
  • Requires little to no energy input; help your lab save money
  • Configurable to match your lab space and workflow

Biomatrica Dry Storage Cabinet with adjustable cabinet racks in 2 different sizes:

  • Medium: 5 adjustable cabinet racks, (4) sorbent systems, (1) Mini hygro-thermometer.
  • Large: 10 adjustable cabinet racks including (8) sorbent systems, (2) Mini hygro-thermometer.

DryStorageCabinets_Overview.pdf DryStorageCabinets_Overview.pdf