Biomatrica RNAgard Blood Reagent (100ml)

Biomatrica RNAgard Blood Reagent (100ml)


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The RNAgard® Blood Reagent is designed for the immediate stabilization of cellular RNA in blood. It provides a safe and efficient method for shipping and storage of RNA in whole blood. The reagent provides users with flexibilities for shipping and storage of either human or animal blood samples at room temperature. The reagent effectively preserves cellular RNA from whole blood with unaltered gene expression profiles. Blood RNA isolation kits such as BioMaxi® Blood RNA Purification Kit (Cat.# 64201-601, Biomatrica) and RiboPureTM Blood Kit (Cat.# AM1928, Life Technologies) are recommended for RNA purification from blood stabilized in RNAgard Blood Reagent. The purified RNA can be further applied in a wide range of downstream applications, including but not limited to, bioanalyzer, RT-qPCR and gene expression arrays.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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