Biomatrica RNAgard Blood System (RUO)

Biomatrica RNAgard Blood System (RUO)


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The RNAgard® Blood System is designed for the collection, preservation and purification of RNA from whole blood samples. The RNAgard® Blood preservative reagent in the tubes rapidly permeates and lyses cellular structures and membranes to stabilize and protect RNA from degradation. Preservation is effective for up to 14 days at room temperature and 1 month at 4°C. Comes with 50 x RNAgard Blood Tubes and 50 x spin coloumns, buffers and DNase.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

RNAgardBloodSystem_Overview.pdf RNAgardBloodSystem_Overview.pdf

RNAgard_Blood_System_Handbook.pdf RNAgard_Blood_System_Handbook.pdf