BlueDiver Combi CENP-A IgG Kit (IVD)

BlueDiver Combi CENP-A IgG Kit (IVD)


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D-tek’s “Combi” system allows the custom assembly of different antigen chips into a same test strip. BlueDiver Combi CENP-A IgG is part of an immunodot test kit. It is composed of a plastic dispenser containing 24 breakable antigen chips. In the present case, they are intended for the detection of IgG autoantibodies against CENP-A in human sera. Each kit contains 24 tests. 

CENPA-24_Insert.pdf CENPA-24_Insert.pdf

BlueDiver Combi kits contain a dispenser of 24 nitrocellulose chips on which a specific antigen has been coated in a microdot-shaped format. In addition to the antigen, 2 built-in controls have been also coated on each chip. The antigens and controls are coated in triplicate spotting to ensure the quality and the validity of the results. The test is based on a classical Enzyme ImmunoAssays (EIA).

The user can select (out of more than 50 different antigens) and combine antigen chips (up to 6) to create his own immunodot test. The BlueDiver Combi offers then a complete flexibility and customization to end-users.

The BlueDiver Combi kits are automated on the BlueDiver Instrument. The complete processing time lasts just 1 hour. The semi-quantitative results can be obtained thanks to the BlueScan scanner and the Dr DOT software (minimum version 4).

Key characteristics

  • Indication : Suitable for small to high throughput laboratories or hospitals
  • Support of reaction : nitrocellulose (chip)
  • Volume of sample needed : 10 µl
  • Number of autoantibodies detected : 1 per chip, up to 6 per strip holder
  • Test duration : 1h
  • Testing : BlueDiver Instrument
  • Reading : BlueScan + Dr DOT software (minimum version 4)
  • Results : Semi-quantitative
  • Controls : Positive and negative built-in controls