MaxCyte GT®

MaxCyte GT®


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The MaxCyte GT® Scalable Transfection System is based on Flow Electroporation Technology, a non-viral, inherently safe cell-engineering technology and is designed for clinical use. It has the performance, scalability and established regulatory record to overcome the existing obstacles of cell therapy and enables the development and clinical manufacturing of next-generation cell and gene therapies with enhanced biological activity.


  • High primary and stem cell transfection efficiency and viability
  • Computer-controlled system for day-to-day and user-to-user consistency
  • Validated, cell type-specific protocols for superior engineering


  • Autologous or allogenic immune cells, stem/progenitor cells and somatic cells
  • Single animal component-free electroporation buffer for all cell types
  • Load mRNA, gRNA, siRNA, DNA, proteins and cell lysates


  • 5 x 106 to 7 x 108 cells in seconds
  • Up to 2 x 1010 cells in <30 minutes

Regulatory Pathway

  • Sterile, single use processing assemblies
  • Closed, cGMP-compliant, ISO-certified and CE-marked instruments
  • Supported by FDA master file