MolYsis Complete5

MolYsis Complete5


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MolYsis™ is a pre-analytical tool serving the molecular detection of bacteraemia, fungemia and other infections. MolYsis constitutes of a unique system for the targeted isolation of microbial DNA from clinical samples. By the selective lysis of human cells and the degradation of non-target human DNA, PCR analysis of pathogens is extremely enhanced through increased sensitivity and specificity. The result of MolYsis pre-treatment with concomitant isolation of enriched pathogen DNA is an increase of the PCR analytical sensitivity of up to 40,000-fold compared to conventional total DNA isolation.

Molzym offers whole blood pre-treatment kits, MolYsis Basic, MolYsis Basic5 and MolYsis Basic10 that can be combined with any microbial DNA isolation kit established in the laboratory, including manual and automated systems. Pre-treatment and DNA isolation kits, MolYsis complete5 and MolYsis Complete 10 combine all pre-analytical components and procedures necessary for high sensitivity pathogen PCR analysis. Blood cultures can be extracted by MolYsis Plus providing highly pure pathogen DNA for PCR analysis.

Available in kits of either 50 or 100 reactions

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