PrestoSpin D Blood & Cell

PrestoSpin D Blood & Cell


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The PrestoSpin D Mini spin column isolation kits are available for the isolation of genomic DNA from a variety of samples: i) Grown microorganisms, including bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi, ii) cultured human and animal cells, and iii) whole blood from humans and animals. Molzym’s proprietary technology, Cation Complexation Technology (CCT), guarantees easy handling, low hands-on time, extremely high yields and high quality standards. The porosity and outstanding binding capacities of Molzym's special matrices allow the passage of even highly viscous extracts without retention and the isolation of unmet quantities of DNA. 

Available in kits of either 50 or 250 reactions

  • High DNA yields
  • High DNA quality
  • Simple handling
  • Low hands-on-time
  • Easy processing of viscous extracts