PowerPrep HP Midiprep Kits with Prefilters

PowerPrep HP Midiprep Kits with Prefilters


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Origene's High Purity Plasmid Purification Kits are designed for preparing ultrapure plasmid DNA equivalent to the gold standard of two Cycles of CsCl gradient purification that is suitable for all applications. The protocol is based on a proprietary ion exchange resin that produces DNA of exceptional purity. Mini, midi and maxiprep columns employ gravity flow, while mega and gigaprep formats use vacuum-assisted gravity flow.

Available in kits of either 25 or 50 preps

PowerPrep_HP_Midiprep_kits_with_prefilters_manual.pdf PowerPrep_HP_Midiprep_kits_with_prefilters_manual.pdf