PowerPrep HP Plasmid Megaprep System

PowerPrep HP Plasmid Megaprep System


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The PowerPrep™ HP Plasmid Purification Kits* use a unique anion exchange resin to purify plasmid DNA to a level equivalent to two passes through CsCl gradients. The kits with prefilters add the convenience of an integrated filter unit that allows simultaneous, one-step lysate clarification and column loading. After a modified alkaline/SDS procedure to lyse the cells and precipitate the genomic DNA, the cleared lysate is passed over a pre-packed ion-exchange column (1). The negatively charged phosphates on the backbone of the DNA interact with the positive charges on the surface of the resin. The temperature, salt concentration and pH of the solutions influence binding. Under moderate salt conditions, plasmid DNA remains bound to the resin while RNA, proteins, carbohydrates and other impurities are washed off. The plasmid DNA is eluted under high salt conditions. It is then desalted and concentrated by alcohol precipitation. The protocol can be completed in 1.5 to 2 hours. These products eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals such as phenol, chloroform, and ethidium bromide.

PowerPrep_HP_Plasmid_Megaprep_System_Manual.pdf PowerPrep_HP_Plasmid_Megaprep_System_Manual.pdf