Poseidon ThermoBrite Elite (240V, 50-60Hz)

Poseidon ThermoBrite Elite (240V, 50-60Hz)


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The ThermoBrite® Elite automates and standardizes the FISH slide preparation process including deparaffinization, pretreatment, denaturation/hybridization and post hybridization wash.

Application of probe, counterstain and cover slipping are the only manual steps. Just load your slides and walk away. Minimal hands-on time frees up technologists for other important tasks. The ThermoBrite® Elite hybridizes with temperature controlled to +/- 1°C and can process up to twelve slides per run with the ability to adapt to smaller batches. For higher throughput, transfer slides to a standard ThermoBrite® instrument to denature/ hybridize and continue using your ThermoBrite® Elite for new runs.

ThermoBrite_Elite_brochure.pdf ThermoBrite_Elite_brochure.pdf