Zeptometrix NATtrol Respiratory Validation Panel (Qualitative)

Zeptometrix NATtrol Respiratory Validation Panel (Qualitative)


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NATtrol™ Respiratory Validation Panels (NATRVP-1, NATRVP-2 and NATRVP-3)* are formulated with purified, intact virus particles that have been chemically modified to render them non-infectious and refrigerator stable. NATRVP-1 panel contains 13 x 0.2 mL vials; NATRVP-2 contains 16 X 0.2 mL vials and NATRVP-3 contains 17 X 0.2 mL vials each containing viral NATtrol™ targets listed in Table 1. These controls are supplied in a purified protein matrix that mimics the composition of a true clinical specimen. *Pat.:http://www.zeptometrix.com/patent-information/


  • NATtrol™ Respiratory Validation Panels are designed to evaluate the performance of nucleic acid tests for determination of the presence of viral nucleic acids. NATRVP can also be used for validation of clinical assays, development of diagnostic tests and training of laboratory personnel.
  • NATRVP-1, NATRVP-2 and NATRVP-3 contain intact organisms and should be run in a manner identical to that used for clinical specimens.

NATtrolTM products are Research Use Only and not for in-vitro diagnostic use.


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