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Diagnostic Technology is a leading supplier of innovative clinical diagnostic and life science products for Australian and New Zealand markets. The company’s product range includes molecular based testing systems for disease detection and management, Immunohistochemistry and probe hybridisation technologies for cancer detection and research along with technology for the storage, purification and preservation of nucleic acid material.


Diagnostic Technology has developed and validated a molecular based test for the detection of cyanotoxin production in fresh, brackish and marine water environments, that pose a direct threat to public health. The CyanoDTec is a simple molecular assay for the simultaneous detection of hepatotoxins such as microcystin, nodularin and cylindrospermopsin and neurotoxins such as saxitoxin.

Phytoxigene CyanoDTec: multiplex quantitative PCR assay is a powerful tool for detecting and quantifying the genes responsible for the production of a variety of toxins in cyanobacteria.

Phytoxigene DinoDTec: quantitative PCR assay, currently under development will detect the presence of Saxitoxin producing Dinoflagellate species in a variety of samples.


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