Altona Diagnostics Range

Altona Diagnostics is currently offering two product lines:

The ExtraStar® Purification Kit provides a fast and efficient extraction of DNA and RNA from various sample materials. Kit contains the necessary reagents for fast and reliable DNA and RNA extraction consisting of Lysis Buffer, Beads, Washing Buffer and Elution Buffer.


  • Complete and validated Kits for DNA and RNA extraction
  • One-for-All chemistry enables parallel extraction from different sample material
  • Available for the “King Fisher Flex” instrument
  • Validated with the RealStar® PCR kits

The RealStar® PCR Kits are designed to amplify and detect pathogen specific DNA or RNA by real-time PCR.

All RealStar® PCR Kits are ready to use real-time PCR systems consisting of master reagents containing enzyme, buffer, primer and probes as well as an internal control, a positive control or quantification standards and PCR grade water.


  • Complete, CE-IVD marked Kits
  • Same temperature profile and internal control enable parallel testing within kit panel
  • Available for most common real-time PCR instruments
  • Validated with a number of extraction systems including ExtraStar® chemistry.

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