altona Diagnostics Range:

altona Diagnostics is currently offering three product lines:

AltoStar® product line:

The AltoStar® product line is our automated real-time PCR testing solution suitable for high-throughput laboratories. The flexible and efficient AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow automates your PCR analyses from sample extraction to PCR results and enables full traceability. The AltoStar® Automation System AM16, a pipetting workstation, in combination with the AltoStar® Connect software, is the centerpiece of the AltoStar® Workflow. All AltoStar® reagents are CE-IVD labeled and intended for use as part of the AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow. As a one-for-all purification chemistry the AltoStar® Purification Kit 1.5 is designed for both DNA and RNA extraction and validated for use with several sample types. A broad portfolio of PCR kits is available, with a special focus on assays for diagnostics in immunocompromised patients.

AltoStar® Automation System AM16:
Automate your Real-Time PCR infectious disease testing: DNA/RNA purification in parallel , Real-Time PCR setup and automated cycler programming. It allows to combine multiple assays and analyze several pathogens from one single sample. This flexible system automates the entire workflow – appropriate for high throughput.
AltoStar® Reagents:
The AltoStar® PCR Kits 1.5 are configured for use with the CFX96™ Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System (IVD, Bio-Rad) in combination with the AltoStar® Automation System AM16, the AltoStar® Purification Kit 1.5 and the AltoStar® Internal Control 1.5. All reagent tubes are barcoded for automated identification.

RealStar® product line:

As altona's initial product line, RealStar® is synonymous with their long-term experience of over 20 years in the development and production of molecular test systems for the fast and reliable detection of common and emerging pathogens. From A like Adenovirus to Z like Zika virus: The wide range of more than 50 CE-IVD labeled real-time PCR kits covers the field of immunocompromised patients diagnostics as well as emerging and tropical infectious diseases. The RealStar® assays have been developed and validated for use on a variety of established real-time PCR cyclers.

RealStar® Reagents:
All RealStar® PCR reagents are designed to amplify and detect pathogen specific DNA or RNA by real-time PCR. They contain several components and use fluorescence measurement for the detection and quantification of the amplified nucleic acids.
Kit Components of all ready-to-use assays:
The RealStar® PCR assays are ready to use kits and reagent systems which consist of master reagents containing enzyme, buffer, primer and probes as well as an internal control, PCR grade water and a positive control or quantification standards. These test systems were developed and validated to be use with various real-time PCR instruments.
RealStar® Pathogen Panels:
altona Diagnostics offers a broad portfolio focused in the field of infectious disease testing, established as pathogen panels. This enables the parallel identification of human pathogens which cause different diseases but show often similar symptoms. Learn more about the five established altona Diagnostics pathogen panels.
Parallel pathogen testing with RealStar PCR Kits:
The central advantage of the RealStar® PCR Kits is the simultaneous pathogen testing of infectious agents in highly standardized platforms. This method is helpful for one sample screening by harmonized cycling conditions for a range of possible pathogens quickly and in parallel. Read more.

The FlexStar® real-time PCR reagents®:

combinable ready-to-use PCR assays for quick and syndrome-driven parallel detection of different pathogens. The assays can be used with the common real-time PCR cyclers as well as with the automated AltoStar® Workflow.


Flexstar Real-TIme PCR Reagents
contain primers and probes to perform the reliable detection of specific pathogens. The shared assay protocol enables a very quick PCR. Different assay configurations are available.
Flexstar Amplification Mix 1.5: 
a universal reagent to be combined with the Detection Mixes. The enzyme mix for real-time PCR has been especially developed for use with the different FlexStar® Detection Mixes targeting different pathogens.

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