MikroScan SL5

MikroScan SL5


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The Mikroscan™ SL5

The dual-mode system from Mikroscan offers the user two completely separate and distinctly different capabilities in one convenient device. The user selects either of two modes – a live robotic microscope for the examination of specimens on glass slides or a static digital pathology scanning mode for the creation of digitized tissue samples.*

The only system of its type that operates as a live robotic microscope or digital pathology scanner

The SL5 is the newest, most compact, portable, and affordable telemicroscopy and digital pathology instrument on the market. It provides the added advantage of real time telemicroscopy along with a completely separate mode for traditional “scan, store and share” digital pathology applications. The SL5 contains a complete set of objectives—2X, 4X, 10X, 20X, and 40X—so a wide range of applications and uses are covered by true magnification, not digital interpolation.

The SL5 is compact, lightweight, user friendly and easy to transport. Its minimal IT configuration simplifies set up. And, its five interchangeable microscope lenses enables you to choose the most suitable magnification for your specimen.

Tissue auto-detection and manual field selection options make it quick and easy to scan and store a single image or multiple regions of interest on the same slide. Images acquired in the SL5’s digital pathology mode are stored in non-proprietary TIF format to enable applications like image archival and analysis. And with a footprint of less than 1 square foot, the SL5 can be conveniently placed on a bench or desk top.

Real-Time Telemicroscopy: LIVE streaming video of the glass slide

  • Time to view in under 18 seconds
  • Change objectives in less than 1 second
  • Complete control over position and focus
  • 5 true objectives, nothing digitally enhanced
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Capture snapshots for regions of interest within the same sample
  • Annotate snapshots for future use
  • Create through focus image sets to accommodate tissue folds or multiple cell layers

Digital Pathology*

  • Full digital pathology capability
  • Scan speed of 45 seconds for 15mm x 15mm at 20X
  • Acquire multiple regions of interest
  • Smallest and lightest instrument on the market at 11"W (28cm) x 9"H (23cm) x 14"D (36cm) /32 lbs (14.5kg)
  • 5 objectives, no digital interpolation
  • Non-proprietary TIF format supports image analysis

Simplified Workflow

  • Easy to install, up and running in minutes
  • Fits within existing lab workflow
  • Image analysis ready
  • Local and cloud-based storage options

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