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ZiXpress® Magnetic-Pillar system

✔ Fully Editable and Customizable Protocols
✔ Easy-To-Use User-Interface with 7 Touch Screen
✔ Magnetic-Pillar & Magnetic Particles Extraction Technology
✔ Consistent and Reproducible Results
✔ Best C/P Value Extraction Solution on the Market

Product Information:

ZiXpress® is an Open Magnetic Pillar aNAP platform, based our high-class Magnetic Beads ZiBeads®, it will convince Scientists as well as Laboratory Managers with a reproducible performance at a low-cost oriented price structure. This reliable platform can be operated with optimized Prefilled/Non-Prefilled Reagent Kits, and it offers End user the freedom to use it with supplied consumables or any other available standard consumables (96 Deep Well Plates & Tip Combs). With fully editable protocols, it is perfect for the use in research labs in any kind of industry. The high accuracy of ZiXpress® makes it also more than useful in the clinical diagnosis.

Watch the Product Introduction Video and learn more about this affordable high quality platform: