AltoStar® Automation System AM16
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AltoStar® Automation System AM16


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The AltoStar® Automation System AM16 is a robotic pipetting workstation used for sample purification and PCR setup controlled by the AltoStar® Connect software. It is intended to be used in combination with the AltoStar® Purification Kit 1.5, the AltoStar® Internal Control 1.5 and altona Diagnostics PCR Kits for automated purification of nucleic acids and automated assay setup for in vitro diagnostic purposes.

The AltoStar® AM16 is intended for use by professional users trained in molecular biological techniques and the operation of the AltoStar® AM16 instrument.

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Key Features:

Entire Workflow
  • DNA and RNA purification in parallel with one-for-all chemistry AltoStar® Purification Kit 1.5 
  • Real-time PCR reaction setup by using the altona Diagnostics PCR Kits
  • Automated cycler programming with AltoStar® Connect software
  • Expandable system for additional thermal cycler (CFX96™ Deep Well Real-Time Detection System-RUO).


Process Safety

  • Traceability: barcoded reagents for full process control
  • Ready to use reagents for consistent quality
  • Lot checking
  • Expiry date checking
  • Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring (TADM) – proven technology from Hamilton


High Flexibility

  • All sample types in one run
  • Analyze up to four pathogens from a single sample
  • Combine up to eight Real-Time PCR assays on a 96 well plate
  • Scalable from 1-96 reactions, no minimum batch size
  • 500 µl and 1000 µl sample volume possible in one run
  • Sample carriers can be unloaded any time after sample processing

Any Sample Type

  • CE-IVD marked purification kit validated for whole blood, EDTA plasma, urine, stool and swaps in UTM.
  • One purification kit for both DNA and RNA assays
  • One universal Internal Control for entire workflow (AltoStar® Internal Control 1.5)


  • Ready to use reagents for extraction and real-time PCR
  • Use of primary or secondary sample tubes
  • Freely selectable positions for samples
  • Load backup reagents and consumables
  • No refill or mixing of solutions necessary
  • Full access to eluates
  • User friendly control software AltoStar® Connect (see under AltoStar® Product Range)

AltoStar® AM16 Automation System

Order No. AM16
For use with AltoStar® Purification Kit 1.5
AltoStar® Internal Control 1.5
CFX96™ Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System (IVD, Biorad)


Additionally included in package AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow

Products AltoStar® Connect software
AltoStar® Plate Sealer
AltoStar® AM16 PC


Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (W x D x H) 1124mm x 903mm x 795mm (transport size)
1010mm (with loading tray) 
1200mm (with loading tray and carriers on loading tray)
Weight Approx. 140kg

Operating Data

Maximum Power Consumption ≤ 600VA
Voltage 115 VAC / 230 VAC ± 10%
Delayed Action Fuse 115 V~: 6.3 A (T6.3AL250)
230 V~: 3.15 A (T3.15A250)
Installation Category II
Pollution Degree 2
Temperature Range 15°C to 30°C / Indoor Use Only
Relative Humidity 15% to 85% (no condensation)
Noise Level < 65dBA (regarding EN27779)
Altitude Up to 2000m above sea level

Transportation and Storage

Transportation Truckage company /AltoStar® AM16 Instrument is 
installed or relocated by a Hamilton trained 
field service engineer.
Temperature Range -25°C to +70°C / Indoor Storage Only
Relative Humidity 10% to 90% (no condensation, indoors)


You can also find more information about the instrument and its reagents on Altonas website.