RealStar® Parvovirus B19 PCR Kits IVD
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RealStar® Parvovirus B19 PCR Kits IVD


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The RealStar® Parvovirus B19 PCR Kit 1.0 is an in vitro diagnostic test, based on real-time PCR technology, for the detection and quantification of parvovirus B19 specific DNA. These two test systems, were developed and validated to be use with various real-time PCR instruments.

Key Features:
  • Detection and Quantification of Parvovirus B19 specific DNA
  • Ready to use Kit including Internal Control and Quantification Standards
  • CE-IVD marked in vitro Diagnostic Test

RealStar® Parvovirus B19 PCR Kit 1.0 CE

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Order No. 101013
Rxns 96
Sample Types human EDTA plasma
Transportation Dry ice
For use with m2000rt
Mx 3005P™ QPCR System
VERSANT® kPCR Molecular System AD
ABI Prism® 7500 SDS and 7500 Fast SDS
LightCycler® 480 Instrument II
Rotor-Gene® 6000
Rotor-Gene® Q 5/6 plex Platfom
CFX96™ Real-Time PCR Detection System


The following kits and systems are suitable for nucleic acid extraction:
  • QIAamp® DNA Mini Kit (QIAGEN)
  • QIAsymphony® (QIAGEN)
  • NucliSENS® easyMag® (bioMérieux)
  • MagNA Pure 96 System (Roche)
  • m2000sp (Abbott)
  • Maxwell® 16 IVD Instrument (Promega) 
  • VERSANT® kPCR Molecular System SP (Siemens Healthcare) 

Alternative nucleic acid extraction systems and kits might also be appropriate. The suitability of the nucleic acid extraction procedure for use with RealStar® Parvovirus B19 PCR Kit 1.0/1.2 has to be validated by the user.