Ampli1™ OncoSeek Panel
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Ampli1™ OncoSeek Panel


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The Ampli1™ OncoSeek Panel for Illumina® enables the preparation of high-quality targeted NGS libraries starting from whole genome amplified DNA obtained with  Ampli1 WGA Kit.



It allows the simultaneous detection of single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertions/deletions (indels) and copy-number amplifications (CNAs) in a panel of 60 clinically relevant oncology-related genes.

Ampli1 OncoSeek_genes


The Ampli1™ OncoSeek Panel works exclusively with Ampli1™ WGA product. The complete workflow takes advantage of the isolation of 100% pure cells with the DEPArray system and balanced whole genome amplification using the Ampli1™ WGA kit

This kit contains reagents for a rapid preparation of up to 96 barcoded libraries compatible with Illumina ® platforms.

Main Features

  • First and only panel designed for single cell analysis
  • Coverage of 60 oncology-relevant genes including more than 2500 mutation hotspots and CNAs for a subset of 19 genes
  • Very Low Allelic Dropout Rate (ADO=12.7% ± 4.2%)
  • Automated bioinformatic analysis available on the MSBiosuite platform - Ampli1 OncoSeek pipeline