Array-Grade KREAcot DNA

Array-Grade KREAcot DNA


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Array-Grade KREAcot DNA (500mg) is extracted from human placental DNA and subsequently fragmented, denatured, and re-annealed under conditions that enrich for repetitive DNA sequences (1,2). Array-Grade KREAcot DNA can be used to suppress cross hybridization to human repetitive DNA sequences. Array-Grade KREAcot DNA has specifically been optimized to be used in array CGH applications. Amounts of Array-Grade KREAcot DNA needed in a microarray experiment should be determined empirically, but will be in the order of 12.5-50 times excess to the amount of labelled genomic DNA. In addition, Array-Grade KREAcot is suitable for blocking repetitive sequences during the target enrichment procedure for high throughput sequencing purposes. Unique features of Array-Grade KREAcot • Specifically optimized for use in arrayCGH applications • Quality controlled with arrayCGH analysis.

For Research Use Only.