HPV CytoDetector HRP/DAB
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HPV CytoDetector HRP/DAB

BSB 0248-BSB 0248S

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The HPV CytoDetector HRP/DAB Detection System is a non-biotin, 2-step polymeric detection system that allows for the qualitative immunocytochemical detection of Human Papillomavirus on cervical cytology specimens. The CytoDetector kits have been developed using a proprietary tandem hyperlabelling technology used to directly label immunoglobulins with enzymes. This ensures consistent and reproducible immunostaining for HPV. Anti-human papillomavirus, clone SB24 (anti-HPV) reacts with a non-conformational internal linear epitope of a major capsid protein of HPV, which is broadly expressed among the different HPV subtypes.

Available options include 70, 150, 500 tests or 5 control slides.

For Research Use Only. 

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