MUC5AC - Mouse monoclonal CLH2
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MUC5AC - Mouse monoclonal CLH2

BSB 6163-BSB 6169

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Mucin 5AC, also known as MUC5AC, is a human gene. The Mucin 5AC antigen is found in columnar mucous cells of surface gastric epithelium and in goblet cells of the fetal and precancerous colon but not in normal colon cells. Mucin genes are expressed in a regulated cell- and tissue-specific manner. MUC1 is detected in mucous cells of the surface epithelium and neck region of the gastric antrum, as well as in pyloric glands and oxynthic glands of the body region. MUC5AC is highly expressed in foveolar epithelium of both body and antrum, whereas MUC6 protein expression is limited to mucous neck cells of the body and pyloric glands of the antrum. The mucin expression pattern of Gastric Carcinoma is heterogeneous. It includes mucins normally expressed in gastric mucosa (MUC1, MUC5AC and MUC6) and de novo expression of the intestinal mucin MUC2. The heterogeneous pattern of mucin expression, including the expression of the intestinal mucin MUC2, may provide new insights into the differentiation pathways of Gastric Carcinoma. It has been shown that in Gastric Carcinomas evaluated for expression of several mucins (MUC1, MUC2, MUC5AC and MUC6), mucin expression is associated with tumor type (MUC5AC with Diffuse and Infiltrative Carcinomas and MUC2 with Mucinous Carcinomas) but not with the clinico-biological behavior of the tumors. Mucin expression is associated with tumor location (MUC5AC with Antrum Carcinomas and MUC2 with Cardia Carcinomas), indirectly reflecting differences in tumor differentiation according to tumor location.

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