Rabbit PolyDetector HRP w/DAB
Bio SB

Rabbit PolyDetector HRP w/DAB

BSB 0217-BSB 0223A

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The Rabbit PolyDetector HRP/DAB System is a non-biotin, 2-step polymeric detection system that allows for the demonstration of antigens in paraffin-embedded tissue, cryostat sections, blood smears, cytosmears, and cell preparations. The PolyDetector kits have been developed using a proprietary tandem hyperlabelling technology used to directly label immunoglobulins with enzymes. This ensures consistent and reproducible immunostaining for all types of nuclear, cytoplasmic and membranal antigens, in different types of tissues. The increased sensitivity of the Rabbit PolyDetector HRP/DAB Detection System allows for rapid staining procedures without compromising stain quality. The Rabbit PolyDetector HRP/DAB Detection System is suitable for use with rabbit primary antibodies. The Rabbit PolyDetector HRP/DAB Detection System kits are optimized for use with Bio SB primary antibodies; however, they are universal kits and therefore work equally well with prediluted and concentrated antibodies from different vendors. 

Available sizes include 15ml (150 tests), 50ml (500 tests), 100ml (1000 tests), 200ml (2000 tests) and 1000ml (10000 tests).

For Research Use Only.