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From the gold standard ferrofluid CellSearch technology:

The CellMag product line has been designed to streamline the manual immuno-magnetic enrichment and staining of rare CTCs from blood using the ferrofluid technology.

Based on the same technology offered by the Gold Standard CELLSEARCH system, CellMag allows for standardization of sample preparation and enrichment of rare cells with a cost effective and simple protocol for all liquid biopsy labs.

Enriched, stained target cells can be used for a variety of downstream applications such as flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, PCR and single cell sorting with the DEPArray platform. 

The CellMag is intended for Research Use Only (RUO) – not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Enrichment and Staining in one easy protocol

CellMag sample processing starts from 7,5 ml of whole blood collected in CellSave Preservative Tubes.

The positive selection of enriched cells is performed by capturing cells through ferrofluids labeled with specific antibodies. Finally, the staining procedure delivers cells that are ready for downstream application including enumeration, isolation and downstream analysis. 

CellMag product line configuration

The CellMag product line is composed of a magnetic tool, a set of consumables and a specific reagent kit.

CellMag - Epithelial CTC Kit: For the immunomagnetic enrichment and staining of circulating epithelial cells in peripheral blood. Cells are captured using anti-EpCAM antibodies bound to ferrofluid. Fluorescent staining reagents are then added for identification of circulating epithelial cells. Anti-CK-PE specific for the intracellular protein cytokeratin (epithelial cells), DAPI stains the cell nucleus, and anti-CD45-APC to identify leukocytes. 

CellMag tool: a magnetic tool designed to be used with the CellMag Kit.

CellMag consumables box: Includes silicon hoses, cannulas, cannula guides and a manual aspiration device to assist the reagent removal steps described in the operating protocol. 


Advantages of CellMag

CellMag allows all liquid biopsy labs to perform highly specific and standardized cell enrichment and staining thanks to a patented, semi-automated aspiration tool. The cell enrichment obtained with the CellMag technology is comparable to the one obtained with the CELLSEARCH system, the Gold Standard among CTCs researchers.

  • Gold Standard CTCs enrichment;
  • Best-in-class controlled ferrofluid aggregation;
  • Enrichment and staining in one protocol: no additional steps required;
  • Semi-automated aspiration tool - reduced operator variability;
  • Starting from whole blood - no need for additional preparation steps.

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