BCL2 Break Apart FISH Probe Kit - 10 tests

BCL2 Break Apart FISH Probe Kit - 10 tests


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The BCL2 Break Apart FISH Probe Kit is designed to detect rearrangements in the human BCL2 gene located on chromosome band 18q21.33. In addition to revealing breaks, which can lead to translocation of parts of the gene, inversion, or its fusion to other genes, the probe set can also be used to identify other BCL2 aberrations such as deletions or amplifications. Rearrangements and abnormal expression of the BCL2 gene – also known as Bcl-2 or PPP1R50 – is routinely found in follicular lymphoma but also occurs in many other hematological and solid cancer types. One particularly common rearrangement is a reciprocal translocation to the IGH@ locus on chromosome 14.

For Research Use Only.