CCND1 Break Apart FISH Probe Kit - 10 tests

CCND1 Break Apart FISH Probe Kit - 10 tests


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The CCND1 FISH probe set is designed to detect rearrangements involving regions of the human CCND1 gene located on chromosome band 11q13. The kit contains two differentially labeled Locus Specific Probes (LSP), one covering the 5’ (start) portion of the CCND1 gene along with some upstream sequence, the other matching sequences downstream of the 3’ (end) portion of the gene. The two probes are designed to recognize sequences on both sides of an area in the 5’ regulatory region of the CCND1 gene where breakpoints have been found frequently. In addition to revealing breaks, which lead to translocation of parts or all of the gene or its fusion to other genes, the probe set can also be used to identify other CCND1 aberrations such as deletions, amplifications or chromosome 11 hyperdiploidy. 

For Research Use Only.