IGH-EPOR Fusion/Translocation FISH Probe Kit - 10 tests

IGH-EPOR Fusion/Translocation FISH Probe Kit - 10 tests


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The IGH-EPOR FISH probe pair is designed to detect rearrangements involving regions of the human IGH (Breakpoint cluster region) locus, located on chromosome band 14q32.33, and of the human EPOR gene on 19p13.2. The kit contains two differentially labeled Locus Specific Probes (LSP). One probe covers the entire EPOR gene along with some upstream (5’) and downstream (3’) flanking untranslated genomic sequences. The second probe pair spans the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene locus (IGH@) and consists of a portion matching the 5’ (start) region encoding variable gene segments (IGHV), and a part that covers the 3’ (end) and downstream sequences. The probe is flanking an area of the IGH gene - comprising constant gene segments (IGHC) as well as the delta segment (IGHD), joining region (IGHJ) and epsilon domain (IGHE) - to which almost all known breakpoints in IGH@ have been mapped. The probe set is optimized to reveal the t(14;19)(q32;q13) translocation as well as other translocations between the two genes, in metaphase and interphase blood or bone marrow cells.

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