BlueDiver Quantrix ANA25 Screen IgG Kit (IVD)

BlueDiver Quantrix ANA25 Screen IgG Kit (IVD)


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BlueDiver Quantrix ANA25 Screen IgG is an Immunodot kit intended for the detection in human sera of IgG autoantibodies against Nucleosome, dsDNA, Histones, Sm, RNP (68kD/A/C), Sm/RNP, SSA/Ro 60kD, SSA/Ro 52kD, SSB, Scl-70, Ku, PM-Scl 100, Mi-2, Jo-1, PL-7, PL-12, SRP, Ribosomes, CENP-A/B, PCNA, sp100, gp210, M2 recombinant, M2/nPDC and f-Actin antigen. Each kit contains 24 tests.

ANA25_Screen_IgG_DIVQ_Protocol.pdf ANA25_Screen_IgG_DIVQ_Protocol.pdf

BlueDiver Quantrix kits are composed of 24 nitrocellulose strips on which the antigens have been coated in a microdot-shaped format. All the antigens and controls are coated in triplicate spotting to ensure the quality and the validity of the results. The test is based on a classical Enzyme ImmunoAssays (EIA).

Thanks to a 6 point built-in calibration curve including blank measurement, all the results obtained are fully quantitative. BlueDiver Quantrix strips are automated on the BlueDiver Instrument and all quantitative results are obtained with the Dr DOT software.


Its format and the number of autoantibodies tested per run makes BlueDiver Quantrix the ideal complement to ANA and Hep2 screening techniques. Moreover, a complete set of built-in controls safely validates the whole process of the test (from the sample loading, the conjugate specificity/reactivity to the substrate kinetics) and meets laboratory accreditation requirements.