BlueDot Cytoplasm 6 IgG Kit (IVD)

BlueDot Cytoplasm 6 IgG Kit (IVD)


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BlueDOT Cytoplasm 6 IgG is an Immunodot kit intended for the detection in human sera of IgG autoantibodies against M2/native PDC (E1, E2, E3 subunits of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex), Jo-1 (histidyl-t-RNA synthetase), PL-7 (threonyl-t-RNA synthetase), PL-12 (Alanyl-t-RNA synthetase), SRP-54 (signal recognition particle, 54 kD subunit) and Ribosomal P (P0) antigens. Each kit contains 24 tests.

Cytoplasm6_IgG_Protocol.pdf Cytoplasm6_IgG_Protocol.pdf

BlueDot kits are composed of 24 nitrocellulose strips on which the antigens have been coated in a dot-shaped format. One strip allows the testing of one patient for many different autoantibodies in the same run. The test is based on a classical Enzyme ImmunoAssays (EIA).

In addition to the antigens, each strip possesses two built-in reactive controls :

  • The first one, the Reaction Control (RC), controls the validity of the test : its coloration proves that the clinician has added the patient serum and that the test has functioned correctly.
  • The second one, the Cut-Off Control (CO), allows the interpretation of the test : any color intensity equal to or below that of the cut-off is considered negative, any color intensity superior to that of the cut-off is considered positive.


The results can be interpretated by sight or a semi-quantification can be obtained thanks to the Dr DOT software.