BlueWell Intrinsic Factor IgG (IVD)

BlueWell Intrinsic Factor IgG (IVD)


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The BlueWell Intrinsic Factor IgG kit allows the qualitative detection of IgG antibodies to Intrinsic Factor in human serum. Each kit contains 96 semi-quantitative tests.

Intrinsic_Factor_IgG_Protocol.pdf Intrinsic_Factor_IgG_Protocol.pdf

BlueWell kits are indirect ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay) tests. The support is a polystyrene plate of 96 microwells which allows in theory the testing of 96 patients in one run. Each plate is coated with one antigen and allows the screening of one unique autoantibody. The test is based on a classical Enzyme ImmunoAssays (EIA).

Thanks to the BlueWell’s plate structure (easily break-apart wells) the user can freely adapt the number of wells to the number of patients he has to test. The incubation times and test procedures are standardized so different tests can be combined and performed simultaneously on the same plate. This allows to save on time and money.

The BlueWell kits can be performed manually but they are also easily adaptable to most automated open ELISA instruments. The colorimetric results are either qualitative (results are expressed in Binding Index, the ratio between the sample and the cut off’s Optical Density) or quantitative (the 6 points calibration curve provides the user with the statically most accurate results).