DEPArray™ FFPE SamplePrep Kit
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DEPArray™ FFPE SamplePrep Kit

DEPArray-FFPE SamplePrep-Kit

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The DEPArray FFPE SamplePrep Kit is intended for the dissociation of FFPE human tissue sections into a cell suspension and the subsequent immunofluorescence staining by anti-keratin and anti-vimentin antibodies. 

The kit allows the detection, identification and isolation of vimentin-positive stromal cells and keratin-positive putative cancer cells with DEPArray system. 

Main Features

  • Dissociation of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections down to single cell suspension;
  • Cell-specific staining of stromal compartment cells and epithelial putative cancer cells;
  • Identification and recovery of different cell populations by DEPArray™ system based on specific immunofluorescent staining and DNA content.


This product contains reagents that are subjected to specific Limitations of Use*.


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