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DEPArray™ PLUS is the new automated and versatile platform to sort pre-selected rare cell populations from a variety of sample types with single cell precision and 100% purity.

DEPArray PLUS is the latest evolution of the DEPArray technology, now enhanced with 9 fluorescent channels and new features speeding up sample processing and optimizing the user experience.

The DEPArray PLUS is intended for Research Use Only (RUO) – not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Exceptional Features:

Unique benefits of DEPArray PLUS

  • Automated digital sorting of rare target cells 
    Identifies and isolates rare target cells from a minimal input sample volume using automated workflows requiring limited operator interactions.
  • Gentle sorting of cells from different sample types with 100% purity
    Compatible with a variety of rare cell suspensions, including live and fixed cells, low cell input, Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissue and enriched blood.
  • Nine fluorescent channels & high-resolution imaging
    Combines high-resolution fluorescence and bright field microscopy. Image-supported, immunofluorescent selection ensures high reliability in the accurate identification of target cells. The additional fluorescent channels provide expanded capabilities to better characterize different cell populations from complex heterogeneous samples.

Different input samples, many applications

DEPArray PLUS is compatible with different input sample types and is available with different software licences depending on the type of application needed.

Discover DEPArray PLUS

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