FISHBright 495 Green

FISHBright 495 Green


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The FISHBright labelling kits are specially developed for FISH applications: labelled DNA probes can be used on all type of samples including metaphase spreads, direct interphase cell preparation (e.g. blood smears, bone marrow smears, urine samples, paraffin-embedded or frozen tissue sections). KREATECH’s REPEAT-FREE POSEIDON DNA probes are labelled with the same technology and all POSEIDON pretreatment kits can be used in combination with DNA probes which are labelled with the FISHBright labelling kits. Besides the ULS technology the kits also contain Cell specific Hybridization Buffer (CHB), and Tissue Hybridization Buffer (THB). In addition, the KREAboost solution, which is developed to generate a high signal-to-noise ratio especially on paraffin embedded tissue sections, is included in these kits. The FISHBright labelling kits will offer you all advantages of the ULS technology: • Easy to use • Labelling procedure within 30 minutes • Use of KREApure columns: a unique purification column which guarantees a very high removal of non reacted ULS (> 99%) and high sample recoveries (> 95%). 

Kit contains 10 labellings

For Research Use Only.