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FlexStar® Amplification Mix 1.5 RUO


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The FlexStar® Amplification Mix 1.5 is an enzyme mix, which in combination with FlexStar® Detection Mixes allows the real-time PCR based amplification and detection of pathogen specific nucleic acids. To be used with the FlexStar® Detection Mixes and the AltoStar® Internal Control 1.5.

Key Features:

  • One Amplification Mix to combine with different Detection Mixes
  • Contains enzymes necessary for the real-time PCR based amplification of pathogen specific nucleic acids

FlexStar® Amplification Mix 1.5 RUO:

Order No. FS0011505
Rxns 384
Number of vials 8 Tubes with 48 rxns each
Transportation Dry ice
Can be used with (RUO only) please refer to the respective FlexStar Detection Mix for information


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For Research Use Only