KREAvital Prenatal Medium (Complete)

KREAvital Prenatal Medium (Complete)


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The in vitro cultivation of amniotic fluid cells and chorionic villi is an essential part of every diagnostic Cytogenetics laboratory, since the preparation of metaphase chromosome spreads is dependent upon obtaining cells in division. Amniocentesis and chorionic villi sampling are the major invasive diagnostic procedures used for the detection of foetal chromosomal abnormalities. KREAvital Prenatal Medium is specifically optimized for the primary culture of human amniotic fluid cells and chorionic villi samples used in prenatal diagnostic testing. The medium is contains serum, glutamine and antibiotics, and greatly reduces karyotyping time compared to conventional media. In addition to the complete ready-to-use medium, we also provide KREAvital Prenatal as basal medium and supplement as separate components. 

Contains 100ml

For Research Use Only.