MagPurix Blood DNA Extraction Kit 1200

MagPurix Blood DNA Extraction Kit 1200


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The MagPurix Blood DNA Extraction Kit 1200 (Large Volume) is to be used with the MagPurix instruments for extraction of gDNA from large volume mammalian/human whole blood, suspension of blood cells or buffy coat and total nucleic acids (e.g. viral DNA and RNA) from mammalian/human whole blood.

Kit contains 48 tests

  • Rapid purification of up to 30-100µg of high quality DNA from 400-1000µL samples. 
  • Easy protocol setup with barcode scanner.
  • Proteinase K included in reagent cartridge for fast isolation procedure. 
  • Allows isolation of Total nucleic acids including Viral DNA and RNA.
  • Standardised processing ensures reproducible stable results with no effect from different coagulents or sample storage conditions.