Megapool Reference DNA (Female) - 100 individuals

Megapool Reference DNA (Female) - 100 individuals


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This product is a homogeneous DNA pool from male or female human genomic DNA which has been isolated from 100 different anonymous healthy individuals. The genomic DNA is of high quality and the DNA from each of these 100 individuals contributes evenly to the DNA pool. This product is specifically developed as a reference for genomic microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization experiments (array CGH). Unique features of the MegaPool Reference DNA • The product will guarantee perfectly comparable profiles for male and female individuals as well as complete absence of pure homozygous deletions. • Sex-matched arrayCGH experiments will be possible and enable high-quality genotyping data for both chromosomes X and Y as well as unbiased CNV profiles between male and female test samples. 

Contains 200mg

For Research Use Only.