PlatinumLink Protein Labelling Kit (RHO)

PlatinumLink Protein Labelling Kit (RHO)


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The PlatinumLink Kits provide high coverage of the proteome through specific labelling of methionine, cysteine and histidine residues. Unlike lysine, which is targeted by N-hydroxysuccinimidyl (NHS) esters, the amino acids labelled with ULS are less likely to be involved in protein - protein interactions. Therefore, labelling of proteins and antibodies with ULS will reduce negative effects on interaction domains and epitope recognition. The PlatinumLink Antibody Labelling Kits have been optimized to label 100 µg of purified antibody (or recombinant protein) per reaction with fluorescent dyes or haptens. Unique features of the PlatinumLink Antibody Labelling Kits • Easy and robust labelling of antibodies and recombinant proteins • ULS-Trap removes unreacted label, no size exclusion • Labelling of methionines, cysteines and histidines in antibodies and recombinant proteins • Labelling reaction is independent of pH • Compatible with commonly used detergents including Tris-HCl.

Contains 4 single labellings

For Research Use Only.