Poseidon Arm Specific Probe 13q

Poseidon Arm Specific Probe 13q


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In addition to the Whole Chromosome probes, Kreatech also provide the entire series of Arm Specific Probes (ASP). These probes hybridize to unique sequences comprising either p- or q-arms of all human chromosomes (except the p-arm of the acrocentric chromosomes), and they span the entire length of the respective chromosome arm. They are derived from flow-sorted or microdissected chromosomes, to be highly specific for each chromosome. ASP applications permit the detection of chromosomal aberrations at the resolution of chromosome arms. This allows the analysis of chromosome partners involved in translocations, the identification of the chromosome of origin of marker chromosomes, analyses of complex chromosomal rearrangements in neoplastic cells and studying the inborn supernumerary marker chromosome as well as confirmation of results obtained from M-FISH and SKY testing. ASP may be of particular interest to those studying mutagenesis of human chromosomes, for instance as a result of exposure to genotoxic agents.

Contains 13q Green or Red, 5 tests

ASP are developed for Research Use Only (RUO) and are not meant to be used for medical purposes or as a diagnostics tool. Arm Specific Probes are supplied in a ready-to-use format, and are available in two colours of choice: green and red.