TRPS1 (EP392), RMab - Rabbit Monoclonal
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TRPS1 (EP392), RMab - Rabbit Monoclonal


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The trichorhinophalangeal syndrome 1 (TRPS-1) gene belongs to the GATA transcription factor family. TRPS-1 has been identified as a highly prevalent gene in Breast Cancer, expressed in >90% of estrogen receptor alpha (ERα)+ and ERα− BC subtypes.

As of today, the GATA3 tumor marker is commonly used to determine the breast origin for ER-positive and low-grade Breast Cancer, but is low in sensitivity <20% in metaplastic Breast Carcinoma such as Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). In contrast, TRPS1 and GATA3 had comparable positive expression in ER-positive (98% vs. 95%) and HER2-positive (87% vs. 88%) Breast Carcinomas, but TRPS1 had higher expression than GATA3 in metaplastic (86% vs. 21%) and nonmetaplastic (86% vs. 51%) TNBC cases.

TCGA data indicated that the (TRPS1) is a specific gene for Breast Carcinoma across 31 solid tumor types, including all 4 subtypes of Breast Carcinoma such as ER/PR-positive luminal A and B types, HER2-positive type, and basal-type/TNBC. TRPS1 produced no or little expression in Lung, Pancreatic, Colon, Gastric Adenocarcinomas, Urothelial, Renal, or Ovarian Carcinomas, or Melanoma; it can be concluded that the TRPS1 marker is a sensitive and specific marker for Breast Cancer and particularly for TNBC.

Antibody Type: Rabbit Monoclonal

Clone: EP392

Isotype: IgG

Reactivity: Paraffin, Frozen

Localization: Nuclear

Control: Breast, Ductal Breast Carcinoma, Triple Negative Carcinoma, Fallopian Tubes

Catalog No. Antibody Type Dilution Volume/QTY
BSB-3790-3 Prediluted Ready-To-Use 3.0 ml
BSB-3790-7 Prediluted Ready-To-Use 7.0 ml
BSB-3790-15 Prediluted Ready-To-Use 15.0 ml
BSB-3790-01 Concentrated 1:50-1:200 0.1 ml
BSB-3790-05 Concentrated 1:50-1:200 0.5 ml
BSB-3790-1 Concentrated 1:50-1:200 1.0 ml
BSB-9212-CS Control Slides 5


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