ULS aRNA Labelling Test Kit (with Cy3 and Cy5)

ULS aRNA Labelling Test Kit (with Cy3 and Cy5)


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The Universal Linkage System (ULS) allows direct labelling of unmodified, amplified RNA (aRNA). Specific aRNA labelling kits are both available for the use with commercial platforms from Agilent, AffymetrixR (GenechipsR) and CombiMatrix, and for the use with self-spotted DNA arrays. Unique features of aRNA Labelling Kits • Higher yields of unmodified aRNA compared to modified aRNA • Storage of unmodified aRNA for subsequent use possible • No waste of labelled material; label only the amount aRNA needed • Reduced labelling cost per hybridization when using multiple arrays per slide.

Kit contains 5 dual labellings

For Research Use Only.