Unitma Quick Ray Manual Tissue Microarrayer Full Set


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The manual tissue microarrayer called 'Quick Ray' offer the researchers to extract the sample tissues from Donor blocks and insert the extracted tissues to the correspondent hole of the premade recipient blocks.
The Quick-Ray set comes with one puncher, 5 different sized tips and corresponding 5 recipient blocks, a base mold, and a guide for 1mm recipient block.
A tissue puncher is assembled with 5 changeable tips: 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 5 in diameters.

The patented recipient block is made of a special material that melts when heated at about 70oC for 30~60 minutes. The recipient block has evenly spaced round orifices (holes) arranged in a square matrix (array). five different recipient blocks are currently available:

10 x 12 holes of 1mm in diameter
9 x 10 holes of 1.5mm in diameter
6 x 10 holes of 2mm in diameter
5 x 6 holes of 3mm in diameter
4 x 5 holes of 5mm in diameter


Portable and easy to handle
Shortening the TMA work
Smarter arrayer compared to conventional products
Easy to carry and to make the array block anytime & anywhere
Inexperienced pathologist can be easily familiar with the kit
Simple procedure for creating the blocks
Easy to create the various sized blocks by using the recipient blocks