VR NxT™- Volume Reduction Instrument
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VR NxT™- Volume Reduction Instrument


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Designed to streamline, automate and standardize your rare cell analysis workflow

VRNxT is a sample preparation instrument that automates the volume reduction steps in your rare cell analysis workflow. With VRNxT you can add precision and accuracy to your workflow to minimize losses of precious cells and increase the throughput.

The instrument processes up to four samples in less than a minute and can be used for both live and fixed cells applications.



Operating principle

The instrument has two volume reduction programs for general purposes and two volume reduction programs dedicated to the DEPArray workflow.

Once a program is launched, the instrument uses the centrifugal force to collect and trap the excess liquid in the dedicated cap. Your rare cells of interest can be safely collected from the tube or directly processed for downstream molecular analysis. VRnxt_BV_ftoA4_IMG_06


Advantages of using VRNxT

Manual volume reduction is time consuming and requires experience and manual skills for repeated pipetting with accuracy. This leads to user-dependent, variable results and increases the risk of losing precious cell(s).

The use of VRNxT has the following advantages:

  • Minimizes the risk of rare and precious cell loss;
  • Adds precision and accuracy to rare-cell and single-cell analysis;
  • Reduces hands-on time up to 90% and eliminates operator variability;
  • Improves process reproducibility and throughput.

No specific skill sets or training are required for operation, thereby delivering user-independent results with high reproducibility and success, with 99% of single cells retained after volume reduction.



Application in the  DEPArray workflow for cells isolation and molecular analysis

VRNxT is the only volume reduction method that allows ultra-high precision supernatant removal during washing steps of the DEPArray workflow.

It automates the following processes:

  • the reduction of the supernatant before DEPArray sorting analysis (Input)
  • the removal of the supernatant from recoveries of DEPArray (Output)


Upstream of the DEPArray systems, the VRNxT reduces the volume of input samples to  12.5 μl in about  25 seconds, preparing them for loading into the DEPArray cartridge. Downstream of the DEPArray system, the device reduces sample volume in about eight seconds, making these samples ready for whole genome amplification with the Ampli1 WGA kit.