Anti-HIV Type 1 p24 Clone 32/5.17.76

Anti-HIV Type 1 p24 Clone 32/5.17.76


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ZeptoMetrix MONOBODIES™ (monoclonal antibodies) are purified from serum free hybridoma cell cultures.  MONOBODIES™ are powerful immunochemical tools that can be used in a variety of applications including ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay), immunoblotting and immunohistochemistry. They offer advantages over polyclonal antibodies due to their characteristics of homogeneity and binding specificity.

Hybridoma clones were derived from mice immunized with HIV-1 (Strain IIIB) lysate. Purified monoclonal antibodies reactive to Gag (p24 and p17), Env (gp41) and Reverse Transcriptase (RT (p51/66)) are available.

Available in either 100ug or 1mg

All products are for Research Use Only and not for in vitro Diagnostic Use.

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