ZiXpress 32

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Product Description

Zinexts' ZiXpress 32 is an automated sample purification system that won't break your bank. The ZiXpress 32 offers highly purified DNA, RNA, protein and cells from wide variety of samples.

Bases on the unique magnetic beads technology, ZiXpress 32 delivers outstanding quality results of 32 samples in 20 minutes.

Product Details

  • ZiXpress makes purification easier
    • Easier on time - Process 32 samples in 20 minutes
    • Easier on budget - Lowest cost automated solution
    • Easier on option - Open system, choose reagents from optimzied Zinexts kits, Zinexts reagent buffers, after-market buffers or your own reagent buffers
    • Easier on operation - 10" touch screen, all the control in one place


ZiXpress technology

  • ZiXpress permanent magnetic rods
  • Proprietary 4D-Catch nano para-magnetic particles 
  • Intuitive UX
  • Patented thermal control module engagement design

ZiXpress optimized reagnet kit choices

  • Optimized ZiXpress prefilled reagent cartridges
  • ZiXpress reagent buffers